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AO-09 Gas Sensor


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AO-09 Gas Sensor Introduction:

The high-quality AO-09 substitute sensor features a molded body design that is specifically made for medical use and provides long life and quick response. The AO-09 also offers better quality while costing significantly less than the sensors it replaces, which is the best part. Contact us for more details on the AO-09 or any other device in the full range of medical oxygen analyzers and sensors offered by ASAIR.


Medical Oxygen, AO-08. In the following applications, sensors are designed as an oxygen-sensing component of an oxygen analyzer that analyses the oxygen concentration in breathing gas mixtures:

  • A device that detects oxygen.
  • The oxygen concentrator’s control gadget.
  • Ventilators for the sick.
  • Anesthesia technology.
  • Incubators.

The only application is for system monitoring. The sensors are not appropriate for analyzing breath gases on an individual basis. Please review the usage instructions. Please adhere completely to the guidelines provided by the oxygen analyzer’s manufacturer to prevent cross-contamination.

Feature of the Good:

  • fulfils ISO 80601-2-55
  • linear output between 0 and 100
  • no additional power source
  • temperature adjustment
  • outstanding signal stability
  • Reliable and accurate
  • swift reaction
  • Anti-interference
  • Long-lasting


Output 9~13 mV in 21%O₂
Measurement Range 0 – 100 Vol.% O₂
Temperature Compensation <2% O₂ equivalent(0℃-40℃)
Response Time <15 s
Operating Temperature Range 0℃ – +50℃
Operating Pressure Range 0.5 Bar – 2.0 Bar
Operating Humidity Range 0% – 99% RH noncondensing