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Differential Pressure Sensor ADP1108


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Technical Parameters:

Supply voltage 5V
Measurement range 0~500Pa
Operating temperature -10℃~+60℃
Storage temperature -40℃~+80℃
Accuracy 100~500Pa:1.5%M.V.


Repeatability 100~500Pa:0.3%M.V


Response time 6.6~10.1ms


The response time of the ADP1108-R has been optimized for medical ventilation applications. Mounted in a rugged, chemically inert PPS housing the ADP1108-R differential pressure sensors feature a unique dynamic range, zero offset and unsurpassed long term stability. This makes it an ideal fit for demanding yet cost sensitive OEM applications in medical and HVAC equipment.
The ADP1108-R is supplied with 5.0 V and provides a 0.25~4.0 V output. Although the output of the sensor is analog, the internal linearization and temperature compensation is performed digitally. This results in a superior accuracy, outstanding resolution (up to 0.05 Pa), and lowest temperature dependence.
Its leading performance is based on ASAIR proprietary ASAIR® sensor technology. The differential pressure is measured by a thermal sensing element. In contrast to other thermal differential pressure sensors only a very small amount of air is required. This leads to a reliable operation even under harsh conditions. In comparison to membrane and piezo-resistive based sensors the ADP1108-R differential pressure sensors show an extended measurement range, better offset stability and improved reproducibility even at lowest pressure ranges. In addition the ADP1108-R is robust against pressure bursts and shows no sensitivity to the mounting orientation.


For medical ventilators (ICU and home care).
High sensitivity below 10 Pa to measure small volume flow (neonatal).
Fast response time for efficient trigger function.
Offset and hysteresis free.
Fully calibrated and temperature compensated.
Not sensitive to the mounting orientation and vibrations.


Medical applications:
• Homecare ventilation
• Intensive care ventilation (ICU)