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Emaar-Sintron 268T Top Entry CPU Single Coin Selector

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Emaar-Sintron 268T Top Entry CPU Single Coin Selector

  • Capable for accepting all worldwide Coins and Tokens.
  • Select coin by Diameter, Thickness and Metal Content.
  • CPU anti-string programs presetting against fraud
  • 3 ways switch of coin triggering time duration
  • Adjustable VR tunning for sensitivity of coin acceptance

Top entry CPU coin selector. accurate and durable high quality coin selector. 3.5 TOP ENTRY CPU COIN SELECTOR WITH COIN REJECT LEVER. CPU EQUALIZER + COIN REJECT LEVER CPU anti-string programs by lock operation against fraud . Prevent host machine from Slugs 、 Wire-stringing and Tricks. Coin drop speed and timing preset in S shape sliding passage CPU lock against unusual move、abnormal stay and reverse draw 500ms ~ 5 seconds lock out along with operation auto-recovery. Compatible with wide variety of Cabinet, Door and Frame. Coin diameter double check in slot opening and lid entrance by diameter-rail and sampling clamp for preventing bigger invalid coin from inserting . Spring lid-wiring fully sweep sluggish coins off passage by reject lever for free from coin jam. More than millions times strong stroke durability of solenoid for the best performance of coin selecting . Voltage : DC+12V Coin Diameter : 18mm~33mm Coin thickness : 1.2mm~3.3mm