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JXBS-3001-LEVEL 0-10m

Soil Sensor

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JXBS-3001-LEVEL 0-10m Introduction

JXBS-3001-LEVEL 0-10m series transmitter is mainly composed of three parts: imported load cell sensor, measuring circuit, and process connection. It can convert the pressure signal parameters felt by the load cell into a standard liquid level signal. When the sensor is put into a certain depth in the measured liquid, the pressure of the measured
medium is introduced into the positive pressure cavity of the sensor, and the atmospheric pressure Po on the liquid surface is connected to the negative pressure cavity of the sensor through a cable air pipe to offset the front of the sensor The Po makes the sensor measure the pressure, and the liquid level depth can be obtained by measuring the pressure.

Function & Features

JXBS-3001-Level product adopts imported diffused silicon pressure detection sensor with stable signal and high precision. Anti-interference, low temperature drift, high stability, and high measurement accuracy. It is an ideal liquid level measuring instrument in the field of industrial automation.


The transmitter can be installed vertically, inclined or horizontally in a tank or tank. The transmitter needs to be installed at the bottom of the measured medium, while ensuring that sediment and other impurities are not buried or blocked by the transmitter probe. Do not throw away at will. Please do not use brute force when installing the transmitter.
In addition to serving as power supply and signal transmission, the air guide cable also plays a key role in atmospheric compensation. During installation, avoid locking the cable too tightly or bend it at an acute angle to prevent the air duct from being blocked or broken.


Specs Details
Detect Subject Water(H2O) Or other subject compatible with the material
Probe Type Imported diffused silicon
Detect Range 1-50m (Can Customize)
Accuracy 0.5 Level(Default)/0.3Level/0.1Level
Detect Subject Temperature 0-70℃
Response Time 0.5ms
Output Signal 4-20mA
Working Pressure 9-24V DC
Stability ±0.1% FS/year
Insensitive zone ≤±1.0%Fs
Load Resistance 500Ω
Overload capacity 200%
Protection Grade IP68
Temperature Compensation 0-50℃