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RFM95CW -LoRa Transceiver Module

LoRa Transceiver Module


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1. Descriptions of RF LoRa Transceiver Module RFM95CW:

RFM95CW is an ultra-low-power, high-performance LoRa transceiver for various frequency of 137-1020 MHz wireless applications. It is part of the SEMTECH RF product line, which includes complete transmitters, receivers and transceivers. The high integration of RFM95C simplifies the peripheral materials needed in the  system design. The sensitivity up to – 148 dBm which can optimize the link performance of applications. In addition, RFM95CW also supports Duty-Cycle operation mode, channel interception, high-precision RSSI, power-on reset, noise output and other more functions, which makes the application design more flexible thus to achieve product differentiation design. The working voltage of RFM95CW is 1.8V~3.7V. When the sensitivity is reaching -148 dBm, it only consumes  9.9 mA current. This ultra-low power mode can further reduce the power consumption of the chip.

2. Features of RF LoRa Transceiver Module RFM95CW:

  • Frequency Range: 137~1020MHz
  • Modulation: LoRa
  • Data Rate: 0.018~37.5 kbps
  • Sensitivity: -123 dBm , BW=12KHz, SF=12
  • Voltage Range: 1.8~3.7 V
  • Receiving Current: 12.5 mA @ BW=125KHz
  • Supports Ultra Low Power Receiving Mode
  • Sleeping Current
  •    *160 nA, Duty Cycle = OFF
  •    *600 nA, Duty Cycle = ON
  • 4-wire SPI Interface
  • Supports Full-automatic Independent Working Mode

3. Typical Application of RF LoRa Transceiver Module RFM95CW:

  • Automatic meter Reading
  • Home Security & Building automation
  • ISM Band Data Communication
  • Industrial Monitoring & Controlling
  • Security System
  • Remote Control Application
  • Intelligent Instrument
  • Supply Chain & Logistics
  • Intelligent Agriculture
  • Smart City
  • Retailing
  • Asset Following
  • Smart Lighting System
  • Smart Parking
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Health Monitoring