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RFM97CW -915MHz LoRa/FSK Transceiver Module

915MHz LoRa/FSK Transceiver Module


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General Description

RFM97CW Sub-GHz radio transceivers are ideal for long range wireless applications. With high integration, the RFM97CW simplifies the peripheral materials needed in system design. The sensitivity up to – 138dbm that optimizes link performance for applications. In addition, the RFM97CW also supports the function of duty cycle operation mode, channel listening, high-precision RSSI, power on reset, squelch output, etc., which makes the application design more flexible and realizes product differentiation design. The working voltage of RFM97CW is from 1.8V to 3.7V. When the sensitivity of – 138dbm is reached, only 9.9ma current is consumed, and the ultra-low power consumption receiving mode can further reduce the receiving power consumption of the chip.

Product Features

  • Working Frequency: 915MHz
  • Modulation and Demodulation Mode: LoRa
  • Data Rate: 0.018~37.5 kbps
  • Sensitivity: -138dBm, BW=125KHz, SF=12
  • Voltage Range: 1.8 ~3.7 V
  • Receiving Current: 12.5 mA @ BW=125KHz
  • Support ultra-low power consumption receiving mode
  • Sleeping Current:*160 nA, DutyCycle = OFF*600 nA, DutyCycle = ON*4-wire SPI Interface
  • Support fully automatic independent working mode


  • Automated Meter Reading
  • Home and Building Automation
  • ISM Band Data Communication
  • Industrial Monitoring and Control
  • Wireless Alarm and Security Systems
  • Remote Control Application
  • Intelligent Instrument
  • Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Intelligent Agriculture
  • Smart City
  • Retail Industry
  • Asset Tracking
  • Intelligent Streetlight
  • Intelligent Parking
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Health Monitoring