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Soil Sensor JXBS-3001-PH-RS


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Soil Sensor JXBS-3001-PH-RS Introduction

Soil Sensor JXBS-3001-PH-RS transmitter is widely used in applications where pH value monitoring is required, such as soil pH measurement. The input power supply, sensor probe, and signal output of the sensor are completely isolated. Safe and reliable, beautiful appearance and convenient installation. Agricultural sensor series products are widely used in agricultural greenhouses, flower cultivation, pasture grassland and other occasions, real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity, light care, soil and other conditions, including temperature and humidity sensors, soil conductivity (EC) sensors, illuminance sensors, and other types All-in-one sensor. This product uses a highly sensitive gas detection probe with stable signal and high precision.


The probe of this product adopts PH electrode, with stable signal and high precision. It has the characteristics of wide measurement range, good linearity, good waterproof performance, easy to use, easy to install, and long transmission distance.

System Framework

  • Single Sensor Connection: This sensor can be connected to be used alone, firstly using 12V DC power supply, the device can be directly connected to the PLC with 485 interface, and can be connected to the single chip through the 485 interface chip. The microcontroller and PLC can be used with the sensor by programming the modbus protocol specified later. At the same time, use USB to 485 to connect to the computer, and use the sensor configuration tool provided by our company to configure and test.
  • Multiple Sensors Connection: This product can also be used by combining multiple sensors on one 485 bus. When performing 485 bus combination. In theory, a bus can connect more than 16 485 sensors. If you need to connect more 485 sensors, you can use a 485 repeater to expand more 485 devices. The other end is connected to a PLC with a 485 interface through a 485 interface chip. Connect the single chip microcomputer, or use USB to 485 to connect to the computer, use the sensor configuration tool provided by our company to configure and test.


Spec Content
Coding 8-bit Binary
Data Bit 8-Bit
Parity Bit None
Stop Bit 1-Bit
Error Calibration CRC Long cyclic code
Baud rate 2400bps/4800bps/9600bps Optional.
Can Customize. Default is 9600bps