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AM2302 Temperature and Humidity Sensor


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AM2302 Temperature and Humidity Sensor Introduction:

The AM2302 is a humidity capacitive digital module with a calibrated digital signal output that functions as a temperature and humidity composite sensor. To ensure that goods have a high degree of dependability and outstanding long-term stability, it uses specialized digital module acquisition technology as well as temperature and humidity sensing technology. The sensor has a high-performance 8-bit microprocessor linked to a capacitive moist sensor and an elevated NTC temperature sensor. As a result, the product is of great quality and has several advantages, including quick response, interference-resistance, and cost-effectiveness. In a humidity calibration room with extreme accuracy, every sensor is calibrated. When signal processing is taking place inside the sensor, the calibration coefficients are called from a programme that is stored in the microcontroller. The system integration process is made simple and rapid by the standard single bus interface.

Product Function:

    • Extremely low power usage
    • A far-reaching transmission distance
    • Standard single-bus digital output
    • Very good long-term stability
    • NTC with high precision


Typical accuracy (% RH) ±2
Operating range (% RH) 0 to 99.9
Humi response time(s) 5
Typical accuracy (°C) ±0.5
Operating range (°C) -40~80
Temp response time(s) 5
Interface 1-Wire
Supply voltage(V) 3.3~5.5
Size:L*W*H (mm) 32.7×15.4×7.8