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HP203N Altimetric Pressure Sensors


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HP203N Altimetric Pressure Sensors employs a MEMS pressure sensor with an I²C interface to provide accurate temperature, pressure or altitude data. The sensor pressure and temperature outputs are digitized by a high resolution 24-bit ADC. The altitude value is calculated by a specific patented algorithm according to the pressure and temperature data. Data compensation is integrated internally to save the effort of the external host MCU system.

HP203N Altimetric Pressure Sensors easy command-based data acquisition interface and programmable interrupt control is available. Typical active supply current is 5.3μA per measurement-second while the ADC output is filtered and decimated by 256. Pressure output can be resolved with output in fractions of a Pascal, and altitude can be resolved in 0.1 meter. Package is surface mount with a stainless steel cap and is RoHS compliant.

  • Supply voltage: 1.8V to 3.6V
  • Pressure range: 300mbar~1200mbar
  • Programmable events and interrupt controls
  • Fully data compensated
  • Direct Reading, compensated:
    -Pressure: 20-bit measurement (Pascals)
    -Altitude: 20-bit measurement (Meters)
    -Temperature: 20-bit measurement (Degrees Celsius)
  • Altitude Resolution down to 0.2 meter
  • Standby current: <0.1μA
  • Operation temperature: -40 to +85℃
  • High-speed I²C digital output interface
  • Size: 3.8 ×3.6 ×1.2 mm
  • Mobile altimeter / barometer
  • Smart phones / tablets
  • Industrial pressure and temperature sensor system
  • Adventure and sports watches
  • Weather station equipment
  • Indoor navigation and map assist
  • Data loggers for pressure, temperature and altitude
  • GPS enhancement for emergency services