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JY-15A Timer Board

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JY-15A Timer Board

JY-15A Timer Board is used for power supply time control.

It can be used with a coin acceptor or other devices that can output pulse signals.

The time can be set by seconds.

Maximum time : 99:00 (minutes :seconds) or 99(hours: minutes)


Controls electrical devices ( TV, Massage chair..) power
AC 1250W DC 500Watt electrical relay capacity.
Suitable for public place location
Digital timer: rate adjustable by owner through two simple push button switch;
Size :54.30 mm × 91.0 mm


Power Wire: Yellow wire +12V , black wire 0V(ground).
Signal input: White wire connect to coin acceptor’s output or other devices output .
Connect K1 K2 wires to your devices.
Set up the time and price for machine to work by pushing buttons s1(+), s2(-), and s3(setup).
Setup process:

Press S3 , into time setup mode , then use s1(+), s2(-), buttons to set up time as you need.
Press S3 for 5 second, into price setup mode, then use s1(+), s2(-) to setup up the price value as you need.
For example, If you are using 10cent, 20cent and 50cent coins . We can setup with coin acceptor output as 1, 2 and 5 pulses. Then set up the time (say 10 minutes) and price (say value 5 ) , then when you insert coins and reach total amount 50 cents , the timer board will allow your machine to run for 10 minutes.