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Smart LCD Module HMT035ATA-1C


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Smart LCD Module HMT035ATA-1C Introduction

Smart LCD Module HMT035ATA-1C is a Smart TFT Module with 32bit MCU on board. Its graphics engine provides numbers of outstanding features. It supports TOPWAY TML 3.0 (Editor 2017) for preload and pre-design display interface that simplify the host operation and development time. Suitable for industry control, instrumentation, medical electronics, power electric equipment applications.

Smart TFT LCD display embeds LCD driver, controller and MCU, sets engineer free from tedious UI & touch screen programming. Using Smart TFT LCD module, our customers greatly reduce product’s time-to-market and BOM cost.

  • Quick and easy GUI implementation
  • Simple serial interface to provide event notification and LCD display control
  • Lua script engine enables rich and friendly user interface
  • RJ45 supports remote update and easy expansion


  • TML files, Picture files, ICON files are stored inside FLASH memory area.
  • They are preloaded to HMT035ATA-1C for stand alone interface use.
  • Those files are preloaded via USB interface as an USB drive.
  • All the interface flow and the touch response are based on the preloaded TML files.
  • VP variables memory is inside RAM area, it provides real time access via UART by the HOST or display onto the TFT by TML file.
  • Custom Memories are inside FLASH memory area. It can be accessed via UART interface by the HOST.
  • Control and Draw Engine executes HOST commands and response respectively.
  • It also reports the real time Touch Key number to the HOST.

Function Diagram


Screen Size 3.5″
Resolution 320 x 240(RGB)
Color Depth 65k color (16bit)
Pixel Configuration RGB Stripe
Display Mode Transmissive / Normal White
Viewing Direction 6H(*1)(gray-scale inverse)


Outline Dimension 93..0 x 70.1 x 13.8 (max)(mm)
Active Area 70.08 x 52.56 (mm)
Backlight LED
Surface Treatment Anti-Glare Treatment
Command I/F RS-232
Operating Temperature -20 ~ +70°C
Storage Temperature -30 ~ +80°C
Highlight RTC without battery, Support 90 degrees rotation , Lua Script engine, Buzzer