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Soil Sensor JXBS-3001-EC-I20-1

Soil Sensor

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Soil Sensor JXBS-3001-EC-I20-1 Introduction

Soil Sensor JXBS-3001-EC-I20-1 is a high functional and digital display soil meter. Agricultural sensor series products are widely used in agricultural greenhouses, flower cultivation, pasture grassland and other occasions, real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity, light care, soil and other conditions, including temperature and humidity sensors, soil conductivity (EC) sensors, illuminance sensors, and other types All-in-one sensor. This product uses a highly sensitive gas detection probe with stable signal and high precision. The soil conductivity sensor is suitable for measuring the total salt content (conductivity) of the soil. The soil conductivity sensor greatly facilitates the customer system’s assessment of soil conditions. Compared with the German original high-accuracy sensor, the precision is high, the response is fast, and the output is stable. Suitable for all kinds of soil. Can be buried in soil for a long time, resistant to long-term electrolysis, corrosion resistance, vacuum potting, completely waterproof.

Methods of testing

  • Speed measurement method
    • Select the appropriate measurement site, avoid the stones, ensure that the steel needle does not hit a hard object, throw the topsoil at the required depth of measurement, keep the underlying soil tightness, grip the sensor vertically into the soil, insert It is not possible to shake left and right. It is recommended to measure multiple times within a small area of a measurement point to obtain the average value.
  • Buried method
    • Dig a pit with a diameter of >20cm vertically and insert the sensor steel needle horizontally into the wall of the pit at a predetermined depth. After the pit is buried tightly and stable for a period of time, it can be measured and recorded for several days, months, or even longer


  • Steel needle must be fully inserted into the soil.
  • Avoid direct sunlight on the sensor and cause excessive temperature. Use caution in the field against lightning strikes.
  • Do not violently bend the steel needle, do not force pull the sensor leads, do not beat or violently hit the sensor.
  • Sensor protection grade IP68, the sensor can be soaked in water.
  • Due to the presence of radio frequency electromagnetic radiation in the air, it should not be in a state of power in the air for a long time.


  • Detection of Acid Soil
  • Alkaline Soil Detection
  • Matrix Soil Detection
  • Seedbed Soil Testing
  • Copra Soil Testing


Power Supply 9.24V
Measuring Range 0-1999mg/kg(ml/l)
Operating Temperature 5-450C(41-1330F)ATC
Resolution 1mg/kg(ml/l)
Precision ±2%F.S.
Output Signal RS485
Output 0-10V
Measurement Type NPK