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Through Hole Current sensor


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Current Sensor provides economical and precise solution for both DC and AC current sensing in industrial, commercial and communications systems. Typical applications include motor control, load detection and management, over-current fault detection and any intelligent power management system etc..

Data Sheet Sensing Current Function Description Operation Voltage Operation Temp Package Type
WCS1800 0~35A Sensitivity:_66mV/A_with_9.0mm_Through_Hole 3.0~12V -20~125°C 1X00
WCS2800 0~35A Sensitivity: 70mV/A with 14x10mm Through Hole 3.0~12V -20~125°C 2X00
WCS6800 0~35A Sensitivity: 65mV/A  with 11×8 mm Split Through Hole 3.0~12V -20~125°C 6X00
WCS1700 0~70A Sensitivity: 33mV/A with 9.0mm Through Hole 3.0~12V -20~125°C 1X00
WCS1600 0~100A Sensitivity: 22mV/A with 9.0mm Through Hole 3.0~12V -20~125°C 1X00
WCS1500 0~200A Sensitivity: 11mV/A with 9.0mm Through Hole 3.0~12V -20~125°C 1X00
Differential outputs
WCS2200 0~20A Sensitivity:_70_mV/A,_Differential outputs, built-in AC to DC rectifier with 14x10mm Conductor Through Hole 3.0~12V -20~125°C 1X00-4L , 2X00-4L
Adjustable Current Switch
WCS2300 0~60A Resolution: ±0.25_A,_0~60A_Adjustable_Current_Switch with_9.0mm Through Hole, 3.0~12V -20~125°C 1X00-4L