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AFM3020 Air Flow Sensor


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AFM3020 Air Flow Sensor Introduction:

A digital flow meter made by Aosong specifically for ventilator applications is the AFM3020 sensor. It accurately determines the flow rate of non-aggressive gases like oxygen, air, and other. Due to a unique flow channel design, the sensor has a very minimal pressure drop through its flow body, making it ideal for use in demanding applications like respiratory and medical ventilation. The AFM3020 has a digital I2C interface and runs on a 5 Volt supply source. After inner calibration and temperature adjustment, the measured value is output. It integrates a 24-bit AD acquisition CMOS CPU with a high-performance thermal sensor device. The thermal sensor chip detects gas flow, ensuring extremely quick signal processing and more accuracy than comparable technologies.


Spectroscopy, Environment Monitoring, Burner Control, Fuel Cell Control, Process Automation, Medical, and Laboratory.

Product features:

    • Range of flow: -10 to 200 slm.
    • Precision 2.5% of the reading (typical value).
    • Swift reaction
    • Temperature compensation and complete calibration.
    • Tiny zero drift