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Features of RF Data Link Transceiver Module:

  • Low cost, high performance , high reliability.
  • FSK modulation, 2-way half –duplex communication, strong anti-interfere.
  • 434/470/869/915MHz ISM band,globally license free.
  • Maximal output power100mW(20dBm),output power adjustable between 1-20dBm.
  • Sensitivity -117dBm.
  • Supply current for Tx 100mA@20dBm, 40mA@14dBm.
  • Supply current for Rx 25mA.
  • Low current sleep mode 1uA.
  • Standard TTL UART interface, extendable to RS232 or other interface.
  • Operation frequency can be configured, acceptable for several modules working in different frequency    with no disturbance on each other.
  • Optional for frequency deviation and receiving ISM bandwidth, users can be modulated by software.
  • Easily use, auto exchange on communication & transceiver.
  • Communication speed 1.2kbps -115.2kbps,can be modulated through software.
  • Afford ENABLE control signal,user self control work duty cycle.
  • RSSI function.
  • With LED indication.
  • Longer transmission distance,over 1Km in open air.
  • Small size 16X20X2MM,9 PIN DIP & 9 PIN SMD package,easy for assembly.
  • Tuning free.
  • Accord FCC,ETSI standard.

Application of RF Data Link Transceiver Module:

  • Remote control, remote measurement system.
  • Wireless meter.
  • Access control.
  • Identification system.
  • Data collection.
  • IT household appliance.
  • Intelligence household appliance.
  • Baby monitoring system