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Industrial 4G LTE Module


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WH-LTE-7S1-E Introduction of LTE CAT 1 Module

WH-LTE-7S1-E is a LTE CAT 1 communication module, which supports LTE and GSM, supports TCP/UDP transparent transmission, SMS transmission and configuration, and also supports HTTP and MQTT protocol. At the same time, it supports AT instruction mode to realize full command operation, meets the needs of different application scenarios.
WH-LTE-7S1-E covers the mainstream frequency bands of European operators. This model is fully PIN compatible with CAT 4 7S5 series and using a double inline package design, convenient for customers to switch and install.

Features of WH-LTE-7S1-E

  • 5-16V wide power supply range.
  • LTE Cat 1 & GSM.
  • Transparent transmission and AT command mode.
  • SMS, NET, Serial AT command configuration.
  • FTP Upgrade and FOTA self-upgrade.
  • Socket Distribution Protocol.

Basic Function

Quickly deliver the bi-directional transparent transmission of data at serial ports and networks.

  • Network Mode
    • Support European mainstream LTE frequency bands.
    • Provide wide coverage and high stability based on existing 4G operator networks.
    • Provide network access through a general 4G network adapter.
    • Support the GPRS network, and ensure the availability of communication.
  • Transparent Transmission mode
    • The serial device is connected with the network server through 7S1 to deliver bi-directional transparent transmission of data.
    • The product supports 4 socket connections, and keeps these 4 connections independent of each other.
  • Registration Package plus Heartbeat Package
    • A registration package is sent to a server to identify the device, and a heartbeat package is sent to a server to judge the active state of the device,
      and a heartbeat package is sent to a serial terminal as the command to actively collect data.
  • Configuration of User Parameters
    • Support the parameter configuration of serial, and network and SMS AT commands, and provide the configuration tool for the PC.
  • Remote Upgrade
    • 7S1 supports remote FOTA upgrade, cooperates with the remote management platform to imperceptibly and automatically upgrade the firmware.
    • Small upgrade package of differential algorithm enables the product to save upgrade traffic.
  • SIM card interface
    • 7 Normal SIM card.
    • APN Dedicated Network Card.
    • IoT Network card.
  • Support Wide Voltage
    • 7S1 supports wide voltage , and it meet a variety of industrial scenarios for wide voltage requirements.


  • Transmission of Sharing Payment Terminal via Internet
  • Agricultural IOT Environmental Monitoring


Models WH-LTE-7S1-E
LTE Category LTE Cat.1
Frequency Bands LTE FDD B1/B3/B7/B8/B20/B28
Transmission Speed LTE FDD Rel.13 10MbpsDL/5Mbps UL
GPRS 85.6KbpsDL/85.6Kbps UL
TX Power FDD:B1/3/7/8/20/28 23dBm±2dB
GSM:900MHz 33dBm±2dB
GSM:1800MHz 30dBm±2dB
Rx Sensitivity GSM:900MHz -109.5dBm
GSM:1800MHz -108dBm
FDD:B1/3/20 -98dBm
FDD:B7 -97.5dBm
FDD:B8/B28 -98.5dBm
Serial Parameters NO. TTL(3.0V)*1
Data Bits 8
Stop Bits 1,2
Baud Rate 1200~460800
Physical Interfaces SIM/USIM card 1.8V/3V(with slot)
Antenna IPEX socket
Reload Pin,built-in Pull-up Res
Reset Pin,built-in Pull-up Res
Hardware Characteristics Input Voltage 3.6V~4.2V/5~16V
Connector DIP
Housing material /
Dimensions(mm) 44.4×41.8×12.5
Operating temperature -30℃~+75℃
Storage Temperature -40℃~85℃
Operating humidity 5%~95%
Storage humidity 5%~95%
Software Protocol TCP/UDP/IPV4/IPV6/ /DNS/HTTP/MQTT
RNDIS Default Close
Serial to network 4 sockets, default A
Command mode 6 Sockets
Configuration Serial,Net,SMS AT commands
Cache 20 packets
Packaging mechanism Packaging time(ms) 10~500,default50
Packaging length(byte) 5~65535,defalut1024
Others Tool USR-Cat1Configuration Utility
Certifications CE,ROSH