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APM10 Particle Sensor


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Particle Sensor APM10 Introduction

APM10 is a digitized particle recognition sensor that can measure size of the nanoparticles in timely manner and was created using the laser scattering technique. Particles having a range of sizes of 0.3 m to 10 m can be tested with APM10. It can offer a wide range of various digital output interfaces. It is tiny and simple to integrate, and it features a boot-up self-calibration mechanism and long – term stability.

Product characteristics include:

  • With a minimum resolution of 0.3 mm, the theory of laser scattering makes precise measurements possible.
  • Self-calibrating laser technology that is unique.
  • conventional digital output.
  • Stronger anti-interference performance due to the full metal shielding.
  • 49×31.5×10.8mm, a very thin type.


Supply Voltage DC:4.75~5.25V
Working Current 50~100mA
Measuring Range 0.3~10μm
Particle Concentration Range 0~1000μg/m3
Data Refresh Frequency 1Sec
Life >3Years