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Infineon TLI4971 – High-precision coreless current sensors

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The Infineon current sensors provide accurate and stable current measurement up to 120A. The products are intended for use in high-voltage industrial applications such as electric drives, photovoltaic inverters, power supplies or battery management systems.

The coreless open-loop sensors are based on Infineon’s precise and stable Hall technology. Thus the output signal is highly linear over temperature and lifetime. Due to lack of an iron core the sensor signal shows neither hysteresis nor does it suffer from saturation. Due to the integrated current rail there is no need for external calibration. The differential measurement with two Hall cells ensures high accuracy even in a noisy environment with cross-talk from adjacent current lines or magnetic stray fields.

Highlights of the XENSIVTM TLI4971 include best-in-class thermal performance for high currents due to its innovative TISON-8 package as well as isolation against high voltages. The two output pins for fast overcurrent signals can be used for pre-warning and system shut-down. Designers can program the threshold levels of the overcurrent signals and thus adapt them to individual requirements without any external components. The sensor also provides a signal in case of an over- or under-voltage condition for the supply voltage.

Product Accuracy 1) [%] Current range [A] Bandwidth typ. [kHz] Sensitivity [mV/A] Certification Industrial Package
TLI4971-A120T5-U-E0001 3.45 120 240 10 UL Y TISON-8
TLI4971-A120T5-E0001 3.45 120 240 10 Y TISON-8
TLI4971-A025T5-U-E0001) 3.45 25 240 48 UL Y TISON-8
TLI4971-A025T5-E0001) 3.45 25 240 48 Y TISON-8
TLI4971-A050T5-U-E0001) 3.45 50 240 24 UL Y TISON-8
TLI4971-A050T5-E0001) 3.45 50 240 24 Y TISON-8
TLI4971-A075T5-U-E0001) 3.45 75 240 16 UL Y TISON-8
TLI4971-A075T5-E0001) 3.45 75 240 16 Y TISON-8