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Infineon TLE499x family

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Our TLE499x linear Hall ICs family is the ideal choice for highly accurate angular and linear position detec­tion and current measurement applications. Our sensors measure the vertical component of a magnetic field and outputs a signal that is directly proportional to the magnet­ic field. Infineon´s programmable linear Hall sensors come with different interface options PWM, SENT or SPC.

In the field of steering torque sensing, Infineon’s TLE499x series offers highly accurate linear Hall sensors for magnet­ic torque sensing assembly. In order to support a maximum of compatibility with various Electronic Control Unit (ECU) designs, the TLE499x sensors feature PWM, SENT, SPC or ratio metric analog output. They are available in leaded packages, as well as 1 mm-thick dual- or single-sensor SMD packages.

Our newest member in our broadest XENSIV™ magnetic position sensor portfolio is the world’s first fully ISO 26262-compliant linear Hall sensor for high precision applications. The TLE4999I3 is a dual channel linear Hall sensor with a synchronous digital PSI5-compatible interface, compliant to
ISO 26262, supporting safety requirements on system level rated up to ASIL D. Our linear Hall IC TLE4999I3 features two highly accurate Hall measurement channels on one chip. A plausibility check of the two redundant channels on system level enables a high diagnostic coverage. Highest accuracy over a wide temperature range and lifetime is achieved by an integrated digital temperature- and stress-compensation.


TLE499x family Programmable analog/digital linear Hall sensor family

One sensor channel per package

Product Programmable Number of pins Sensitivity

(programmable range)

Magnetic offset Supply voltage (extended range) Automotive ISO 26262 Interface Package
TLE4997 EEPROM 3/Single die SMD 8 ±12.5 to ±300 mV/mT < ±400 μT 5 V ±10% (7 V) Y Analog SSO-3-10TDSO-8
TLE4998P EEPROM 3/4/Single die SMD 8 ±0.2 to±6%/mT < ±400 μT 5 V ±10% (16 V) Y Ready PWM SSO-3-10SSO-4-1SSO-3-9 (2 capacitors)TDSO- 8
TLE4998S EEPROM 3/4/Single die SMD 8 ±8.2 to ±245 LSB12/mT < ±400 μT 5 V ±10% (16 V) Y Ready SENT SSO-3-10SSO-4-1SSO-3-9 (2 capacitors)TDSO-8
TLE4998C EEPROM 3/4/Single die SMD 8 ±8.2 to ±245 LSB12/mT < ±400 μT 5 V ±10% (16 V) Y Ready SPC SSO-3-10SSO-4-1SSO-3-9 (2 capacitors)TDSO-8
TLE4999I3 EEPROM 3 ±73.72 to±147.441) LSB13/mT < ±300 μT 5.5–7 V ±10% (16 V) Y Compliant PSI5 SSO-3-12
TLE4999C82) EEPROM SMD 8 ±73.72 to±147.441) LSB13/mT < ±300 μT 5.5–7 V ±10% (16 V) Y Compliant SPC TDSO-8


Two sensor channels in one package

Product Interface Dual-/single-sensor available ISO 26262 Package
TLE4997A8D Analog yes/yes Ready TDSO-8
TLE4998P8D PWM yes/yes Ready TDSO-8
TLE4998S8D SENT yes/yes Ready TDSO-8
TLE4998C8D SPC yes/yes Ready TDSO-8
TLE4999I3 PSI5 monolithic3) Compliant SSO-3
TLE4999C84) SPC monolithic3) Compliant TDSO-8