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Infineon Absolute Pressure Sensor (MAP & BAP)

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Absolute pressure sensors (MAP & BAP) – highest accuracy and precision on the smallest footprint and energy bill

Highest quality and accuracy for safety-relevant automotive, industrial or consumer lifestyle applications

Typical safety-related automotive pressure sensing applications such as side impact and pedestrian protection call for the highest quality and accuracy standards with full ISO 26262 compliance. Our XENSIV™ family includes integrated pressure sensors that tick all these boxes with PSI5 peripheral sensor interfaces for safety-critical use cases.

Our digital interface portfolio also comes with serial parallel interfaces (SPI) for common powertrain and body applications such as barometric air pressure (BAP), fuel vapor and seat comfort sensing. Looking to the future, XENSIV™ even includes sensors that comply with the single edge nibble transmission (SENT) protocol with short PWM code (SPC) functionality to support upcoming engine management products such as manifold absolute pressure sensors (MAP), turbo MAPs (with a negative temperature coefficient or NTC) and secondary air valves.

Discover our highlight product dedicated for 2-wheelers: KP212 enables lower CO2 emissions, as well as lower fuel consumption, which makes it the right fit product worldwide to fulfill emission regulation requirements such as CN6 and Bharat 6. Of course these sensors can also be used in industrial control, consumer application and medical applications.

Product Pressure range [kPa] Max. accuracy [kPa] Max. operating temperature [°C] Automotive Industrial ISO 26262
KP21x 10 … 150 1.0 140 Y Y
KP22x 10 … 400 2.5 140 Y Y
KP23x 15 … 115 1.0 125 Y Y
KP236N6165 60 … 165 1.0 125 Y Y
KP253 60 … 165 1.0 125 Y Y
KP254 40 … 115 1.5 125 Y Y
KP2551) 10 … 125 1.4 140 Y Y
KP256 60 … 165 1.0 125 Y Y
KP264 40…115 1.5 125 Y Y Ready
KP276 10 … 400 3.0 170 Y Y