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USR-N580 Introduction of Serial to Ethernet Converter Modules

USR-N580 is 8*RS485 Ports Serial Ethernet Converter is designed to realize bidirectional data transparent transmission between the Serial port and the Ethernet port. The 8 RS485 ports can work independently and does not affect each other. Each ports can be configured for different baud rates. It supports 600bps~921600bps wide baudrate.

Features of Serial to Ethernet Converter Modules USR-N580

  • 8 serial ports support RS485 communication, indicator lights (TX/RX).
  • Functions of Modbus gateway, Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP, Modbus polling.
  • Support TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP Client, UDP Server, HTTPD Client working modes.
  • Support virtual serial port and provide corresponding software USR-VCOM.
  • Serial baud rate from 600bps to 921.6K bps; Parity of None, Odd, Even.
  • Functions of Modbus gateway, Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP, Modbus polling.

More Features of Serial to Ethernet Converter Modules

  • Virtual Serial Port– It will Solve the problem of PC software as serial port that cannot communicate with network devices.
  • Serial Port / Network Heartbeat packet – Network heartbeat packet prompt the server and maintains a normal network link with it. Serial port Heartbeat Packet can Prompt serial-port device.
  • Modbus Gateway- Polling mechanism can effectively solve the problem of data concurrent or adhesion congestion.
  • Synchronous Baud Rate– Dynamically change the serial port server, baud rate, data bit, check bit, stop bit by network command.

Basic Functions of USR-N580

  • Bi-directional data transmission between RS485 port and Ethernet.
  • Cascade Connection Function – Dual Ethernet port 10/100mbps It supports switch function. Other devices can be cascaded through USR-N580.
  • Arm Cortex-M7 Scheme,480Mhz CPU, 1M RAM +4M Flash The scheme features short transmission delay, fast data transmission speed, flexible expansion, and stable.
  • N580 supports TCP Client, TCP Server ,UDP Client, UDP Server, httpd Client (later support MQTT Client) and other modes ; only a simple configuration, you can achieve data pass-through function.
  • Advanced Hardware Protection of ESD, EFT.
  • Watchdog: Internal process watchdog and external hardware watchdog work 24 hours without stopping steadily.

Application Field of Serial to Ethernet Converter Modules

  • Network Monitoring of Industrial Automation.
  • Unattended Weighing.
  • Network Alarm for Electrical Fire.



Classify Parameter Value
Hardware Parameters Operating Voltage DC 9.0~36.0V
Operating Current 120mA@12V
Net interface format RJ45,10/100Mbps
Serial baud rate 600~921.6K(bps)
No. of serial ports RS485*8
Software parameters Net protocol IPV4, TCP/UDP, HTTP
IP mode Static IP, DHCP
DDNS supports
User Configuring Software/webpage configuring, serial/network AT commands
Operation mode TCP server, TCP client, UDP server, UDP client  Support two-way socket
Similar RFC2217 support
HTTPD client support
TCP server Support up to 8 TCP Clients (user-defined)
Net buffer 48Kbyte
Serial buffer Dynamic packet buffer
E.g: When the packet length is 10Byte, can buffer200 packets (2KB).
When the packet length is 1460Byte, can buffer 5 packets (7.3KB).
Average delay <10ms
Related software USR-VCOM, set-up software
485_EN switching speed <100us
Flow control XON/XOFF
Registration packet User-defined, MAC, USR Cloud
Web to serial Websocket function
Heartbeat packet UART, NET
Others Hardware protection Electrostatic protection ESD: level 3
Anti-surge: level 3
Pulse group: level 3
Dimension 222*122*35mm(L*W*H With the terminal, ears)
Operating temperature -40~+85°C
Storage temperature -40~105°C
Operating humidity -40~+85°C (Industrial)
Storage humidity -45~105°C, 5~95%RH (non-condensing)