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Din-Rail Modem USR-DR154

Din Rail 4G LTE modems


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Din-Rail Modem USR-DR154 Introduction of Din Rail 4G LTE modems

Din-Rail Modem USR-DR154 is a DIN-Rail cellular Modem with High Compact size, High integration 4G LTE CAT 1 Modem

  • USR-DR154 is an ultra-small modem which has the advantages of high speed, low latency and simple to use. It has an external slot for SIM cards, supports bands 1/3/5/8/34/38/39/40/41.
  • Industrial CAT 1 modem has a wide-voltage power supply terminal, supports FOTA and FTP upgrading.DR154 supports RS485 port, DR152 supports RS232 port and DR150 is the TTL (3.0V) version.

Basic Function

  • Support simple transparent mode, HTTPD mode and SMS mode, easily achieve the data transparently transmission between serial port and CAT 1 network in bi-direction.
  • Embedded Dual-Core Arm Cortex – A5 Processor – Global adaptability, excellent extensibility, low latency.

  • Network Type – Wide coverage, high stability based on existing 4G network.

  • FOTA Remote Upgrade – With the remote management platform, it can realize the automatic firmware upgrade. The upgrade package of difference algorithm is small, and the upgrade traffic and time are saved.

  • Data Collection of Distribution Boxes – By virtue of its small size and DIN-Rail installation, USR-DR15X can be installed in a low voltage distribution box to save space. With extremely fast response speed, 4G DTU device can timely send data to the control platform.

  • Charging Pile Integrated Installation – By virtue of the variety of product integration modes, USR-DR15X can be directly integrated into the user boxes for real-time data transmission. It can also be applied to intelligent express cabinet installation, self-service vending machine installation and other scenarios.