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Infineon TLE/TLV49x6 family


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In industrial and home applications our XENSIVTM Hall switches are regarded as an ideal solution for current commutation in brushless drives (BLDC). Many applications require conventional block commutation – and Hall switches are the perfect fit here. Furthermore Infineon Hall switches are deployed in body application in classic automotive areas such as window lift modules. The sensors offer highest precision, energy efficiency are easy-to-use and are cost-effective.
Our two-in-one double Hall sensor for example eliminates the need for a second sensor, which in turn cuts engineering and production costs. Additionally one sensor ensures perfect alignment of the sensor elements raising system quality and reliability.

Our latest XENSIVTM family member of Hall switches is the TLI4966G dedicated for industrial applications such as such as power closure systems for Anti-pinch detection, i.e. sun blinds, garage doors and much more. The sensor is a double Hall switch with two output pins for applications with a rotating pole wheel. The sensor provides a speed and direction signal at the interface pins.

Furthermore our new family of TLE4966xG dedicated for automotive applications such as tails gate or seat belt pretensioner and more are are double Hall latches with two output pins for applications with a rotating pole wheel. Depending on product variant, the sensor provides either a speed and direction signal or two speed signals related to the switching of the two Hall elements. This information can be directly used to develop a robust index counting system for anti-pinch prevention.

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BOP [mT]

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BRP [mT]



Automotive Industrial Consumer Package
TLE4906K/L Unipolar switch 10.0 8.5 1.5 Y Y SC59/SSO-3-2
TLE4906-2K Unipolar switch 18.0 12.5 5.5 Y Y SC59
TLE4906-3K Unipolar switch 28.0 22.5 5.5 Y Y SC59
TLE4946K Latch 14.0 -14.0 28.0 Y Y SC59
TLE4946-1L Latch 15.0 -15.0 30.0 Y Y SSO-3-2
TLE4946-2K/L Latch 2.0 -2.0 4.0 Y Y SC59/SSO-3-2
TLE4976L Unipolar switch/Current interface 6.0 4.0 2.0 Y Y SSO-3-2
TLE4976-1K Unipolar switch/Current interface 9.25 7.25 2.0 Y Y SC59
TLE4976-2K Unipolar switch/Current interface 4.5 2.7 1.8 Y Y SC59
TLV4946-2K Unipolar switch 18.0 12.5 5.5 Y SC59
TLV4976-2K Unipolar switch /Current interface 4.5 2.7 1.8 Y SC59